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Nakamura Kazuo

December 11th - Sunday - Midday

((ooc- PMed Kurosaki for this post. All of Kurosaki’s movement were either decided on or approved of by Kuro’s typist.))


Finals were over and the intense level of stress that lingered over the campus had subsided. In the wake of the unwinding, Kazuya had an idea for the Naka Baka paper that he wanted published before winter break was upon them. At his request, plans were made, and they were to all meet at Miyavi’s house today. The Ito’s had access to all the materials they would need for the paper.


Kazuya was already at the meeting spot. He had gone ahead so that he and Miyavi could get the planning out of the way. Kazuo was on his way now, but first he had to pick up Kurosaki.


As the two boys made their way to Miyavi’s house, Kurosaki took care of all the talking. He didn’t even waste time waiting to see if Kazuo would answer a question, and instead, he would continue right along with his conversation. Ignoring the rambling, Kazuo walked behind Kurosaki, his eyes on the ground.


It was because of this that Kazuo didn’t realize where they were before they had come to a stop. He looked up only to find himself in a pastry shop, Kurosaki pressed against the glass looking at the treats before him. Sweets never really appealed to Kazuo. They were too expensive, and whenever he did come across some, he would give his share to Kazuya. He did note that they were pleasing to look at.


Soon, the employee was boxing Kurosaki’s selection. Almost as soon as it was in his hands, Kurosaki was taste testing it. Kurosaki saw Kazuo’s watching and assumed that it meant that he wanted some too. Before Kazuo could object, he had a couple of sweets in his hands.


He sighed at Kurosaki’s antics. The boy was almost as bad as Kazuya sometimes. With no else to pass the snack on to, Kazuo decided to just try it.


An addiction took hold of him immediately. He couldn’t believe the tastes that that little treat had. He looked at Kurosaki, his eyes wide. Kurosaki just responded with a grin and a giggle. When he had finished the pastry, he had gotten back in line, this time to choose some treats for himself.

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