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December 23rd - Friday - Evening

The house was quiet other than the soft mews coming from a cat that was walking back and forth in the kitchen, rubbing against her master's legs. Kazuo was crouched in the kitchen, biting his thumbnail as he peered through the rusty window of the oven door. The room was scented with the smell of baking cookies, though they were far from being done. The clock on the timer clicked slowly, counting the remaining time before Kazuo would be able to enjoy his hard labor. It was his first time making cookies. In fact it was his first time baking anything, and the first time the kitchen was being put to good use in a long time. The kitchen was used for cooking instant foods, not making meals. Clutter took up much of the food prepping counters, and even the oven had been used as a storage space for pots, utensils, and other odds and ends, which was now currently stacked dangerously on a nearby table.

Both of his parents were away. His mother was still locked up in the hospital, and his father, who should have gotten off of work already, was probably there visiting her. Afterwards, his father would probably end up at a bar afterwards. He never made much of an appearance at home until his wife was released. In the meantime, Kazuo and Kazuya had free reign of the house. That also meant that Chaos, Kazuo's cat, could also roam the house freely. Kazuo kept the feline confined to his room when his mother was home and not in her room. He didn't want anything to happen to the cat. He also feared that his dad may attempt to remove the cat from the house because he wasn't too fond of animals. The cat took full advantage of being able to venture around the house, but she still spent most of her time remaining close by Kazuo.

Kazuo eyed the timer miserably. He was hoping that they would be finished before Kazuya returned home, so that he could surprise his brother. Of course he planned to eat most of the cookies himself; he had a sweet tooth that needed to be satisfied. He had even stopped by a grocery store earlier and pocketed some frosting to decorate the cookies with. Regrettably, he could not find sprinkles to take as well. He would have to do without this time around. He looked back in the direction of the front door, wondering when his twin would come home. Kazuya had told him that he had something planned for Kazuo this evening and advised him not to make any plans. Though they were twins, Kazuya's mind worked differently than Kazuo's, and there were many times that Kazuo could not figure out what his twin had in mind. Tonight was one of those times. With Christmas nearing, he assumed that it had something to do with the holidays. They had always exchanged simple gifts on the holidays and birthdays ever since their parents stopped. With neither of the twins being rich, the presents were never much, but something that could still be appreciated.

The chiming of the timer interrupted his thoughts, and Kazuo hopped up, grabbing a hand towel from the counter. Finally, he would soon be able to enjoy what he had been craving all morning.
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