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Once sports and clubs were over, Kazuo headed straight to where he worked. Kazuya was taking the car, so Kazuo decided on just walking. It was quicker anyways.

He was to work till real late tonight and then come back the next day and work nearly all day. He had homework that he planned on doing when he got home. He wouldn't risk doing them on the job and take time that he could be using to gain tips from waitering.

He arrived in the diner and headed straight for the back room so he could put his stuff down. He then headed towards the bathrooms so as to change into his work uniform. When that was done, he went to the person in charge for the night so as they knew he was there on time.

Throughout the night, Kazuo was mainly directed in cleaning up after people left. As it got closer to 8 though he was told to start waitering on people. Kazuo wasn't too pleased in this because that meant he had to try conversing with people. He already had a few people tell the manager that he didn't say much to them.

With a sigh, Kazuo pick up the folded book and headed to a table.
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Kazuo walked home from his work, Kazuya being unable to pick him up. Kazuo had been put as busboy again. Usually, he didn't do to well waitering. His customers always thought that he didn't converse enough and seemed angry. Still, he made his money from his job. Money that would either be used for food, cigarettes, or saved to buy new car parts.

Walking into the apartment, Kazuo noticed, feeling somewhat happy, that their mom wasn't home. Neither was their father, but he never got home till late anyways. Kazuo walked into his room to drop off his things. Turning on the light in the small room, dimly lighting it, Kazuo froze as he noticed something very unusual.

Kira was lying on his bed, only in his boxers, gagged and handcuffed down to the bed. Kira looked terrified. A note hung from a string attached to the ceiling. It read:


Have fun. He's yours to do whatever with.



"Very funny," Kazuo said bitterly, ripping the note from the ceiling. He walked over to the boy, snatching the keys from a small desk separating the beds. Before freeing him, Kazuo pulled the gag out of Kira's mouth. "What happened here?" Kazuo's words weren't harsh as they usually were, but were more sympathetic.

The sky outside was cloudy and gloomy, as if threatening to began raining. It was the last class of the day. After this class was over, Kazuo would go to Archery. After Archery, he would go to tennis practice, then to swimming practice.

He was in PE class. Kazuya was in this class too. They had gotten back from their school trip yesterday and already the swimming unit had started. As the students prepared to get into the pool, Kazuo stayed near a chain link fence, the one that seperated their pool from the girls. He chose to sit there because he didn't feel like swimming twice in such a short period and he was somewhat close to Kazuya, who was eager about swimming.

Miyavi and Leo were also in this class. Kazuo hoped they would swim, too, so that he wouldn't be proned to company. ||How much time left before school is out|| he wondered to himself.

Kazuo awoke before everyone else on Tuesday morning. He looked over at Kazuya, who was sleeping sprawled out over his futon. Kazuo stood and made his way to the door.

He slipped out and headed towards the hot springs. It was empty when he entered. He stripped off his shirt and got into the warm water. He needed a place where he could take time to think.

It was his and Kazuya birthday today. They had survived another year. There were some rough times, but they had pulled through. Kazuo ran his hand over the knife wound. It was nearly a scar now, but it still stung slightly from the hot water.

Sixteen...that meant it had been eleven years since things have changed. Since their mother had started her habits. That also meant that it had been merely eight years since he himself changed.

Kazuo brushed these new thoughts off. He had no desire to remember it just yet. He was already forced to see it through nightmares at sleep. Also, he would rather have Kazuya around when it came time for recollection, which Kazuo hoped would never come about.
As the bell rang signifying 6th hour was over, Kazuo walked into the halls with Kaz. After quickly telling him that he needed to do something first, he made his way upstairs, glaring at many kids along his way.

When he arrived at the roof, it was vacant. Walking over to the wall to lean against, Kazuo pulled out a cigarette. He suspected he had a few minutes before Leo arrived.

Kazuo walked home by himself, having left Kazuya to play with the girls at the host bar. He still didn't trust Leo. Nor did he think he ever would. There was just something about the whole ordeal that made Kazuo...uneasy.

It was the same with Aqu. From what Kazuo understood, Aqu had gone back home. And that bothered him, surprisingly. He knew something was wrong, out of place with the girl, and it disturbed him that he couldn't figure out what it was.

Kazuo stumbled while walking and stopped himself. He did drink at the bar, but not much. And he was good at holding his liquor. ||Maybe I drank more than I planned to|| he thought with bitter. Even thinking that made Kazuo feel slightly vulnerable. He clutched his cell phone tighter, his only connection to Kazuya.

Kazuo walked out of the school in a bad mood. He couldn't believe that Kazuya couldn't even keep a promise he made not even a week ago. He was losing his twin to a girl and there was nothing he could do about it.

Kazuo continued walking until he was off the campus. His only choices in places that he could go was home or to the park. He had no desire to go home to whatever his mother had brought home, but he didn't want to go to the tranquil park in the mood he was is.

In the end, Kazuo decided to head home anyways. Once home he headed straight into his bedroom and laid down on his bed. He placed his hand on his wound, putting pressure on it, but stopping soon after, wincing in pain. It would be awhile before it would start to feel correctly.

As Kazuo lay on his bed, he went over todays events again and again in his mind. This only upset him more though and that ended with him throwing something against the wall, causing the object to break into pieces. Kazuo didn't notice though. He was in one of his blanking out modes, but this time it was different. He felt different this time. He felt...murderous.

Kazuo swallowed hard, closing his eyes in an attempt to sleep. He felt abandoned.
Kazuo had went home after swimming, not bothering going to tennis practice which also bore him. When he got home, he wasn't surprised to see his mother sprawled out on the couch again.

He walked into his room, changing into more comfortable clothes. He took a comb, brushed his hair back, then shook his head, making his hair fall messily around his face.

He walked out of his room, looking at the Bitch on the couch. His expression remained blank, but he turned to leave.

He didn't know where Kazuya was, so he thought he'd go look for him. He first checked Kazuya's work, but saw no signs of him. Next he went to the arcade. He entered the arcade, scanning the kids. He spotted Kazuya, but to his dismay, saw Yumi with him.

Kazuo turned around and left the arcade. With nothing better to do, he decided to go back home. This time, though, he took the longer route.

While walking in the alleys, Kazuo ran into a familiar boy from yesterday, the one that Kazuya had fought. This time, the boy was accompanied by even more friends. Kazuo kept his eyes straight ahead as he walked pass them.

"Well look who it is," the boy said. He smiled as he nodded to his friends who in turn began standing up.

Kazuo sighed deeply turning to face his enemies. It was obvious they had confused him for Kazuya. He didn't feel like correcting them so instead ready himself for a fight.


Kazuo was easily besting over the boys, so they resorted to a new tactic. All the ones on their feet rushed in to knock Kazuo down. Kazuo was caught off guard, and was pushed against the wall. His eyes blacked out for a mere second, being that his head had hit the wall pretty hard.

While he was in the daze, he felt a sharp pain erupt in his lower chest and a flash of silver. He tried to remain standing, but the pain was unbearable. He fell to the ground, blood gushing out of his wound. He looked at the wound, before the blackness once again fell over his eyes.
Lunch passed quickly. Kazuo stayed near Kazuya the whole time. Already, people were going up to them, requesting to be in their "gang". Kazuo thought of them all as insolent fools. Kazuya, on the other hand, thought it as amusing.

Fifth hour came. The twins were in the same class together again. They walked into the classroom one after the other. Kazuo glanced quickly around the room. A familiar blonde caught his eyes. Again, they had ran into Yumi.

Kazuo took the lead, walking towards the back of the classroom, his preferable spot to sit in class. He walked in an odd pattern, though, leading right to Yumi's desk. With one quick shove, he pushed Yumi's things on to the floor. It was his warning.