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Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing....

...doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Nakamura Kazuo
31 May
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. stats . . appearance .

Kazuo Nakamura. Called Ka-chan by his brother though he terribly dislikes the nickname.
16 years old.
10th grade.
Born May 31st.
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Standing at 5’5”, Kazuo is of slim build and sports black hair and dark eyes. He has a disheveled and languid appearance. Sleepless nights harden his look with shadows below his eyes. Clothing wise, he mostly wears comfortable clothes that are warm, like a hoodie, even in the summer. He is an identical twin.

. personality .

Gentle and quiet, Kazuo is the exact opposite of his twin brother Kazuya. Kazuo is reserved, allowing his brother to do the talking. His timid demeanor is a façade for his deadly temper. Easy to upset, Kazuo’s aggressive side is quick to reveal. Quick reflexes, a tolerance for pain (or maybe just a death wish), and a powerful punch, most kids prefer to avoid him altogether. Usually, Kazuya protects Kazuo, preventing his anger from reaching the breaking point. In extreme cases, mostly when Kazuya’s life is threatened, Kazuo’s temper will reach a point where he blacks out, becoming unaware of his actions.

Kauo prefers to be the follower, letting his brother set the path. He has a disregard for rules, doing whatever it is his brother needs or wants him to do, participating in his brother’s gang activities. He has a phobia for hospitals, avoiding them in favor of nursing his own wounds. He’s a smoker with asthma. His facial expression is often blank, or of disdain when regarding someone.

. good traits . . bad traits .

Kazuo is empathetic in that he is understanding. He keeps to himself, watching carefully over his words and actions. He is extremely loyal to his twin brother, regardless if he believes his brother is wrong. He is calm and patient, and particularly good at anything he tries to accomplish. Some of his past teachers have thought him to be autistic. Kazuo is observant and can quickly adapt to his surroundings. He is also fond of cats.

Kazuo’s temper is one that is to be feared. He is highly protective of his brother, and could possibly be responsible for scaring away some females that try to be in a relationship with Kazuya. He lacks in social skills, preferring to let Kazuya do the talking. His looks of disdain, that is, his glares tend to intimidate people.

. likes . . dislikes .

People watching.
Being with his twin.

His mother.

. fighting style . . family notes .

He has quick reflexes and a powerful punch; Kazuo’s fighting strength is outsmarting his opponent. He has an ability to adapt to his surroundings quickly and uses this to his advantage in a fight. His trait of being observant allows for him to anticipate his opponents moves. He either has a high tolerance for pain or a death wish in that he will get back up regardless of the injury. When his anger reaches his breaking point and he black outs, his intentions become killer and reckless. Usually Kazuya needs to be the one to snap him out of these moments.

Kazuo comes from a rather poor family. His father, Yoshitoki Nakamura, is a small, scrawny man that works at the train station selling tickets. His mother, Kaede Nakamura, is a heroin addict that causes the family more financial problems. She has no concern of the welfare of her children and often refers to the twins as garbage. Kazuo is very closer to his older twin brother (by 25 minutes) Kazuya (xxmyworstfearxx).

. history .

Everything went to shit when Kazuo’s mother became addicted to heroin. She began to disregard the family, giving them death threats, and inviting dangerous looking people into their home. She referred to the twins as garbage, smacking at them if they were in her room (a room with a blanket laid out on the floor) too long. His father took up more hours at work, claiming to be working towards paying for her rehab, when really it is to avoid the mess at home. Instead his money goes towards paying her hospital bills when she overdoses. Kazuo learned to live for one person, his twin brother Kazuya.

When Kazuo was younger, something happened to him. Neither Kazuo nor Kazuya talk about it, but whatever it was is what caused Kazuo’s fear of hospitals and what caused him to begin blacking out when his anger surpasses its threshold.

. job . . transportation .

Kazuo works as a busboy / waiter at a local Italian diner during some nights. Due to his lack in social skills, he doesn’t wait on tables unless the staff is short handed.

He’s cheap, so he won’t take public transportation unless he can cop a free ride.

. dating status . . social status .

Kazuo is single and not interested. He doesn’t like the idea of relationships. He thinks Kazuya and him are better off alone, fending for each other. He tends to try to intervene with people who are interested in starting relationships with Kazuya. Kazuo’s sexual orientation is unknown.

Most people avoid Kazuo because of his delinquent status. There are the occasional students that follow his brother and him around, trying to be a part of their gang. He excels in most sports he attempts, but he dislikes playing on teams, unless his brother is there too. He’s actually quite good at whatever he picks up, whether it’s a sport, instrument, or art. This has lead to several teachers questioning whether Kazuo might be autistic.

. class schedule .

2 Biology
3 Geometry
4 Japanese 1
5 Japanese History
6 English 1
7 PE 1

2 Art
3 Business
4 Japanese 1
5 French
6 English 1
7 PE 1

2 Art
3 Business
4 French

. clubs . . sports .



. excels . . struggles .

Kazuo does fairly well in most subjects. He is quick to learn and does well on exams.

He struggles in classes that have a lot of homework because he doesn’t favor doing school work outside of school. He also tends to sleep in classes when he is uninterested.

. quote .

“If you don’t understand my silence
you’ll never understand my words.”

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