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September 19th - Monday - Before School Starts

((Ooc: wasn't sure what time you'd want them to meet, but since Tsukasa did a post about lunch of this day, I just decided on the morning hours.))

Kazuo stood on the edge of the roof of the school building, watching fellow students make their way slowly to the school. He would have let his feet hang off the edge if there hadn't been a chain link fence preventing that.

He had his hands in his pockets. Within one of the pockets, his finger could make out the note that Leo had given him Saturday. Though the note had specifically stated not to tell anyone, Kazuo had mentioned it to Kazuya. He didn't go into detail though, so his brother probably only thought it to be on of the training sessions they had frequently last term.

In the other pocket was a beat up carton of cigarettes. Feeling the small box, Kazuo felt a strong temptation to have a smoke. He shook his head no though, resisting it. Kazuo was one with a good sense of control when he wasn't in one of those black-out modes. Eventually, he decided that he would smoke, but just one, if Leo didn't arrive soon.
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