Nakamura Kazuo (xxchaoticpyroxx) wrote,
Nakamura Kazuo

October 3rd - Monday - After School Sports

Kazuo walked briskly through the streets. He was still in his school uniform for he had left almost immediately after returning home from rugby practice, allowing himself only enough time to feed Chaos. He had been regretting this day for some time now. It had only been a few hours ago that Kazuo decided on an alternative plan.

He carried a basket with him. The basket was empty aside from a few light blankets in it. The basket would be occupied soon enough.

Withou missing a step, Kazuo walked into on of the many alleyways. The alleyway he chose was between to food shops, meaning it would be the host of many rats and even more stray cats.

In no time, Kazuo came across a cat. The first one he saw, he picked up by the scruff of the neck and tossed it in the basket, then preceded to cover it with the blankets to keep it from escaping. The cat was orange in color and appeared to be a loner stray. Kazuo could see this in its ferociousness. It would have to do. Kazuo continued on his way.

Soon, Kazuo arrived at Yosuke's trailer-like house. He knocked on the front door and waited.
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