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November 4th - Friday - After School Activities

With a day off from work, Kazuo ended up heading to the small arcade that he and Kazuya could usually be found at if not at the basketball court. He was at the arcade today because of the light rain earlier that evening.

Just as he was starting another game, a girl approached him. She was a pretty girl and much like Kazuya's type. Kazuo however paid no attention to her.

The girl hovered about him, obviously hoping to get his attention. After awhile, she got frustrated enough to try a different approach.

"You're really good at that game," she said standing closely now to Kazuo. Kazuo's eyes drifted from the screen to the girl and back to the screen.

The girl sighed in frustration. "My names Etsu Saiya, but you earn the special privilege of calling me Etsu." Still no response. "Well? I'm dying to know you're name, sexy boy," She reached out and touched the side of his face.

Kazuo flinched and moved away to face her. His eyes were wide and he felt somewhat threatened. Etsu just looked back at him, eyebrows raised. "Uh okay. Never had a girl touch you before or something?" There was a hint of edgy-ness to her voice.

Kazuo's eyes narrowed. He debated whether saying his name or not to this girl. Either way, he knew he didn't like her.

"Kisho baby, I think we have a pansy boy here. You know, your favorite type," Etsu called out. A guy that was standing at a game a few feet away turned to look at them. He smiled before leaving his unfinished game for a different type of fun.

"I can tell by just looking at him!" Kisho announced. Kazuo's eyes narrowed at the boys presence. "He's my favorite type too, the ones that put up a bit of a fight, but in the end give in," Kisho added, making it sound like a game.

"Well he's doing me no good, he was ignoring me of all people too! You can have your fun with him" Etsu said already scanning the area for a new boy to talk too. Kisho responded with a laugh. "Alright than pretty boy, why don't we find somewhere a bit more private."

Kisho reached forward and grabbed ahold of Kazuo's wrist, jerking Kazuo forward. Kazuo was unable to stop him from pulling him forward, he hadn't expected the guy to grab him. He pulled back, but found that the guy's grip was harder than he expected. The guy was built like a middle-weight boxer. Kazuo could feel himself loosing control of his mind...
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